Motivational Keynote Speaking

Dave Rogers is considered one of Asia’s best corporate and motivational speakers. In the past eighteen months, Dave has spoken to thousands of people on four continents – Africa, South America, Europe, and Asia on the topics of success, passion, and human potential.

Passion breeds passion….

Dave Rogers is passionate about life and it shows in his presentations. Self motivated, dynamic, and energetic, Dave Rogers brings a global perspective to his keynote presentations and utilizes personal stories from his experience of managing a billion USD ++ portfolio, experiences of doing business in over twenty countries around the world, as well as stories of human potential and growth from the mentors, coaches, and teachers that have contributed to his own rich life.

Speech & Keynote Topics ( 75 – 90 minutes )


  • Explore the dynamics of FEAR and how it can be transformed into Power.
  • Develop an awareness of the chemical, physiological and psychological changes that occurs in Brain
  • Practical exercises and discover various techniques to harness the power of FEAR for yourself and for your enterprise.


  • Re-program your mind for great sales success
  • Discover new and empowering strategies that utilize the power of positive thinking in sales
  • Utilize the STRATEGIC TRIAD that has propelled leading publicly listed companies to new record highs in terms revenue, profitability and stock price.

SUCCESS is an Attitude

  • Learn to unleash your potential by shifting your success paradigm
  • Discover the SUCCESS Factor in your life and reprogram what SUCCESS means to you
  • How to bring positive thinking into daily life and turn liabilities into your greatest assets

RE THINK – Work – Life Balance

  • Explore the importance of Mental and Physical fitness in today’s information age
  • Practical exercises to bring a paradigm shift in your relationship with time
  • Find out and discover some innovative approaches to tackling work – life balance

What people have said:

Besides being an inspiring, youthful, and passionate coach, Dave impressed us with his humane approach as well as professional skills as a deal maker. Dave stands as an unique western scholar rich in Chinese culture and Japanese aura

Dr Lukas Kwan, COO, Supercity Premium – Singapore

Empowering words offer simple and effective steps to be awesome

Chareonchit Ngamtippan, Vice Chairman, Thailand Management Association

Fun, enlightening, inspiring and powerful! Facilitator is absolutely awesome and truly walks his talk.

Dr Lynelle Kerr, Founder, Innate Wisdom Pte Ltd – Singapore

Dave Rogers practices what he preaches. I know because I have witnessed him do it for almost two decades in the global financial markets.

H. Brock Bundy, COO, Wood Glen Capital – Toronto