What do people find remarkable about you?

… your enterprise? … What you’re doing to make a difference on this planet? It isn’t about being “good enough”, or about providing a good product or service. Clients today want to know who you are and how you differ from everyone else … So what are you and your business really about? What do you stand for?

Dave Rogers will engage you to dig up what is essential for you and your business to expose and leverage itself. He’ll share real-life stories from his experience of having coached thousands of entrepreneurs to increase sales, increase profits, and achieve the critical challenge of work-life balance.

“Be prepared to be exposed to some new paradigms of effective giving, social entrepreneurship, living a life with purpose and passion. You’ll discover what other entrepreneurs are doing, and will see how to apply them to your business.”

You will learn …

  • Why failure is an essential ingredient in entrepreneurship
  • How you and your enterprise can immediately heighten your attractiveness in your marketplace and create real customer attraction
  • What you can do to immediately generate higher sales, higher profits (while having fun along the way)
  • Plenty of specific examples of enterprises who are shifting their level by understanding what the real SECRET is about

Like all of Dave’s events, this is a powerful session delivered through interaction, encouraging curiosity, and uncovering key learning … all designed to trigger your awareness and understanding – empowering you to take action.


Empowering words offer simple and effective steps to influence change.

Chareonchit Ngamtippan, Thailand Management Association

In 24 years of training / mentoring and coaching, I’ve never seen anyone have the impact that Dave has

Paul Dunn, Results Coaching

As someone who can motivate others, Dave will offer insights to make shift happen.

Wayne Wennick, Merrill Lynch