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Dave Rogers is a bestselling author, certified coach, and business consultant whose philanthropic techniques have seen him become a leading voice in the fields of conscious entrepreneurship, heart centric leadership, and personal development.

Born in Canada, he achieved his Masters in Business Administration before joining the Royal Bank of Canada’s Corporate Banking division. After twelve months, Dave was selected to join and expand the Risk Management and Corporate Banking division of Royal Bank of Canada. His responsibilities included credit risk management, corporate banking planning, and culminated in duties overseeing human resources and talent management.

He is an Internationally Certified Master Coach, a Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and recipient of the Spirit of Enterprise Award in Singapore.

His MBA was in International Business and Finance from McMaster University, and he completed a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business at York University.

Dave’s vision has taken him to more than forty three nations across five continents, conducting mentoring and coaching workshops, delivering keynote presentations and engaging hands-on with key decision makers in private companies and public organizations.

His expertise has involved him with public and private policy in Singapore, unity in diversity for the United Nations in India, and working with the Minister of Finance of the Central Bank of Indonesia.


Dave Rogers is passionate about life and it shows in his presentations.

Self motivated, dynamic, and energetic, Dave Rogers brings a global perspective to his keynote presentations and utilizes personal stories from his experience of managing a billion USD ++ portfolio, experiences of doing business in over twenty countries around the world, as well as stories of human potential and growth from the mentors, coaches, and teachers that have contributed to his own rich life.

Keynote Talks, Workshops, Panel Discussions 

  • 10 Ideas For Your 30 Day Personal Challenge
  • Design Your 21 Day Mental Wellness Calendar
  • She Says – He Says – Good Stress – Bad Stress
  • 12 Minute Mindfulness – 12 Morning Mindfulness Habits
  • Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking
  • Sexy, Single, Ready To Mingle – Guide To Dating in the 21st Century
  • Finance for Non Financial Professionals
  • Lessons From Rich Dad – 5 Financial Tips To Financial Freedom
  • Beginners Guide To Financial Investing
  • Introduction To Linked-In – 7 Tips To Build Your Profile
  • Social Media – 7 Fast Facebook Hacks
  • 5 Easy Editing Tips For Your Photographs
  • Exploring Yoga Flow For Lower Back and Hip Pain


Dave’s transformational approach to coaching and facilitation employs the ancient wisdom of the east and the astute technologies of the west.

His coaching embraces the simplicity of time, vision, focus, and being, to gently, and sometimes not so gently, shift coachees from their current state to an “even more” empowered or “even more” resourceful state.

Coaching Topics for 2019 – 2020 
  • Leadership and Professional Development
  • Accountability and Results Acceleration
  • Work – Life Balance
  • Overcome Stress, Anxiety and Personal Breakdowns
  • Relationship Counselling
  • Dealing with Professional or Personal Betrayal
  • Healing and Energetic Transformation
  • Understanding and Bouncing Back from Corporate PTSD


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